1. Founded by Angelo Zaccaria, a young man who died in 2008 at the age of 102 years, that already in the 30s he was driving a small workshop building plows and farm implements. In the 50s he started working with the sons Eugenio and Mario who are dedicated to the construction of small trailers for motor mowers.
  2. In the 60s the Zaccaria company began to produce in series agricultural trailers with drive wheels, a real novelty in the field.
  3. Over the years' 80 the Zaccaria company successfully produces a wide range of trailers, selling all over the national territory and lots production are also sent abroad. The Zaccaria range includes driving trailers and normal, Forestry with crane, dumpers, slurry spreader, bale and pallet trailers. The production is directed to hobbyists, small companies, sub-contractors and large companies.
  4. Eugenio Zaccaria manages business negotiations, characterizing the company with its own personality, with its very special energy. It 'was for many a friend. Eugenio Zaccaria continues to live in the hearts of many people.
  5. The company is now run by Mario Zaccaria together with his three sons, Lucia, Claudia and Mauro.


  1. In February 26, 2000 the Minister of Agriculture Bersani has rewarded the company for the 40th year in business, recognizing the seriousness and professionalism of the our work.
  2. EIMA 2003, award "Novità Tecnica" to "Electro-Hydraulic Steering system Rear Axles".
  3. EIMA 2004, award "Segnalazione Tecnica" to "Photovoltaic generator Mobile".
  4. EIMA 2006, award "Segnalazione Tecnica" to "Traction hydraulics with Electronic Speed Control".
  5. EIMA 2010, award "Segnalazione Tecnica" to "Double pneumatic-hydraulic braking system (ABS)".
  6. EIMA 2012, award "Segnalazione Tecnica" to "Pneumatic operated lateral cover".