Monocoque trailer Zaccaria Model ZAM 200 DP8 Plus Version Pushoff trailer Zaccaria Platform Zaccaria Model ZAM 200 P Maxi Professional Version Platform Zaccaria Model ZAM 200 Extralong with extensible Drawbar Platform Zaccaria Model ZAM 300 4 axles Forestry Trailer Zaccaria 3 axles for truncs

technological innovation for agriculture



Zaccaria srl manufactures and builds of agricultural trailers, with driven and normal wheels, Forest trailers with crane, Slurry tankers, Manure spreaders, Dumpers, Trailers for transport equipment for all of your farming needs.


Established in 1960, Zaccaria Srl is a company specializing in engineering and manufacturing trailers for agriculture, forestry and general transport. Professional fairness, responsible attitude and professional ethics are our pride.

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